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Date: 15th October 2016
Optical Brightener Vbl CAS 12224-16-7 For Paper
Basic Info.Model NO.:VBLColor:Light YellowAppearance:PowderOther Name:Paper Whitening AgentSample:AvailableDelivery Date:Within 1 WeekValid Date:2 YearsTrademark:linebonPackage:Drum or PP BagSpecification:SGSOrigin:ChinaProduct DescriptionOptical Brightener Linebon? VBLC.I.85 ?CAS:12224-16-7MOLECULAR FORMULA: C36H34N12O8S2Na2MOLECULAR WEIGHT: 872.84 (As International Relative Atom Mass 1991)EXCUTIVE STANDARD: GB/T10661-2004SPECIFICATIONS:ItemIndicesUsed for textilesUsed for paper-makingAppearanceLight yellow or yellow uniform powderFluorescent?strenghth?(equivalent to the Sstandard sample)100Relative Intensity100-Color ShadeSimilar to the standard sampleWhiteness?(the deviation with the Standard Sample)????????????-? -3Moisture content ???????????????????????????????????????? 5%Content of Water-Insoluble Impurities???????????????????????? 0.5%Fineness?(residual content?passed?through 180?m-pore sieve ) ??? 10%The limitation of 23 kinds of harmful aromatic amines, mg/kgAccording with the standard GB?19601-2004PROPERTIES:Fluorescent Brightener VBL is a typical representative of bis(triazinylamino)stilbene derivative.It can be soluble in 80 times soft water and shows anion character and the pH value resistant to acid and alkali is 6-11 and the expected pH value of dyeing bath is 8-9. When used in acidic solution, the fluorescence will weaken owing to the increase of acid and turns into yellow color. It can resist 300ppm hard water, 0.25% free chlorine, but don't resist the ion of copper and iron. It show stability to rongalite, but cannot be baked at high temperature. It has bluish voilet optical color and can be used in the one.bath with anionic surfactant or dyestuff and nonionic surfactant and oxydol, unsuitable for application in cationic dyestuff and surfactant and raw synthetic resin.APPLICATIONS:1. Fluorescent whitening agent for cotton fabric and gluing products, light color or printing products. It show normal sun light resistance and has good affinity with cellulose fiber, normal level dyeing result. can be used in printing pulps and exhausting or padding dyeing.2. Fluorescent whitening agent for polyvinyl alcoholic fiber and polyamide fiber.3. Fluorescent whitening agent for paper-making industry, paper pulp or paints.PROCEDURE:l. When used in dyeing industry, add directly into the dyeing bath, solved with water then can be in use. the dosage is 0.08-0.3%, bath ration: 1:40, and the ideal bath temperature: 60?C.2. When used in paper-making industry, dissolved with 80 times water and added into paper pulp or paints. The dosage is 0.1-0.3% of the dry pulp or paints.PACKAGE: Packed in cardboard bucket or plastic coating paper bag after being packed in plastic bag first. Net weight is either 25 Kg or 50 Kg per bucket or sack.TRANSPORTAION: Should avoid sunlight and crash.?STORAGE: Should be stored in cool, dry and ventilated place, and storage peroid should not exceed 2 years.Why us :1. High quality under strict QC/QA system with GMP factory price and best service.?2. Fast and safe delivery with secure and discreet shipment.3. Double check before delivery to make sure correct.4. Third-party Inspection5. Providing complete services with our resource integration, we can thus create more competitive advantages for you!Thank you for ordering and hope you enjoy your purchase here. Your comments are always welcomed and very important in our long-term business corporation.FREE SAMPLES can be sent for your evaluation!Contact me now for further business :-)
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